Sociology | Society and the Individual
S230 | 4731 | Saulsbury

This course will focus on sociological approaches to social
psychology, emphasizing symbolic interactionism and social
constructionism.  The course is designed to illustrate how the
individual and social interactions shape and are shaped by the
cultures in which they exist.  Topics covered include the nature and
scope of social psychology, symbols and symbolic communication, the
structure of social interaction, the development and maintenance of
the social self, and the production and influence of culture.  Class
time will be split between lectures presented by the instructor and
student lead discussions of assigned readings.


1.	Develop studentsí knowledge and understanding of the general
social psychological perspective.
2.	Acquaint students with general social psychological theories.
3.	Acquaint students with middle range theory applicable to a
variety of substantive areas.
4.	Acquaint students with contemporary social psychological
research dealing with various substantive topics.
5.	Go beyond a basic understanding of social influences on
individual and small group behavior.
6.	Promote thought about human action as it occurs in a social