Sociology | Research Methods in Sociology
S370 | 4736 | Tba

S370 Students must attend laboratory session daily.
Students meet the same day, time, and room as S371

S370 is a research methods course required for undergraduate majors
in Sociology.  It provides a broad introduction to the sociological
research process, including research design, data collection, and
basic analysis of data and interpretation of results.  This course
will focus on how a variety of methods can be used to study
sociological phenomena.  We will address both general issues in
research design, such as measurement and sampling, as well as
various data collection techniques and approaches, such as
ethnographic research, content analysis, and survey research.

Tentatively, grades will be based on short writing assignments, lab
assignments, and exams.  Daily attendance and participation in both
class lecture and lab sessions is mandatory and will be taken into
account in determining the final grade.