Sociology | Statistics for Sociology
S371 | 4737 | Namaste

Last 4 weeks
S371 Students must attend laboratory session daily.
S371 Students meet the same day, time, and room as S370

S371 is a statistics course required for undergraduate majors in
Sociology.  It provides an introduction to statistical theories and
techniques.  This course will not focus on abstract mathematical
principles, but rather demonstrate how statistical methods can be
used to study sociological phenomena.

Many students are intimidated by S371, particularly if they have
avoided advanced math and science courses.  I firmly believe,
however, that statistics does not have to be scary.  The best way to
learn statistics is to do statistics.  Therefore, in this class you
will be required to understand some introductory statistical
equations and factor some numerical computations, by hand and on the
computer, but the concentration in every class will be on
understanding what we’re doing and not on coming up with the right

Tentatively, grades will be based on homework assignments, lab
assignments, and exams.  Students should bring a calculator and a
floppy disk to every class.  Due to the compressed nature of this
course, daily attendance and participation in both class lecture and
lab sessions is mandatory and will be taken into account in
determining the final grade.