History | Anti-Semitism Before the Holocaust
B300 | 4468 | White

The heated debate surrounding the portrayal of Jews in Mel Gibsonís
The Passion of the Christ demonstrates the continuing power of anti-
Semitism in the 21st century.  But where do negative stereotypes
about Jews come from, and why have they had such resonance in
European (and American) life?  How have Jewish communities reacted
to these attitudes?  Was the Holocaust inevitable as a result of the
long history of European anti-Semitism?

This course examines the history and development of modern anti-
Semitism and the ways Jews have responded to it, from the French
Revolution until the beginning of World War II.  Students will read
primary and secondary sources about the effects of the
Enlightenment, Romanticism, and modern nationalism on the
development of anti-Jewish sentiments and explore the consequences
for individual Jews and larger Jewish communities as they struggled
with anti-Semitic accusations.