History | Inquisitions-Early & Modern Europe
B300 | 4469 | Wickersham

The Inquisition was the first form of organized social control in
early modern Europe. The mentality that evolved from this has
continued in various incarnations throughout the modern period.
Inquisitions claim to search for information that defines a person's
right to participate in society. This course examines the historical
roots of inquisition in order to better understand how they have
shaped modern conflict. The ways people discipline themselves,
impose control on others, and evaluate who has the right to
participate in society reveal that people's fears, priorities,
values, and weaknesses. I hope the students taking this course will
gain an insight into our own culture by studying how peoples in the
past and present have sought to impose social control on themselves
and others.

Books to buy:
George Orwell, "1984"
Henry Kamen, "The Spanish Inquisition:  A Historical Revision"
Christopher Hill, The World Turned Upside Down
Heda Kovaly, "Under a Cruel Star"
Carlo Ginzburg, "The Night Battles"