Medical Sciences | Basic Human Anatomy
A215 | 5385 | O'Loughlin Dougherty

5 cr.  9:30a-10:20a  MY 130   Daily
Check Schedule of Classes for lab sections and times.

This course is team taught by Medical
Sciences faculty. An organ systems approach to the study of human
body, including microscopic and gross structure.  The course starts
with an introduction to basic cell structure and tissue construction,
and continues with the coverage of all human systems with emphasis on
the muscuskeletel system, cardiovascular, reproductive, and nervous,
systems.  Bones, models, and prosected cadavers are used to study
these topics concurrently in the laboratory.  Three lectures periods
and two 2-hour laboratory sessions per week.  Separate objectives
laboratory and lecture exams are given outside of the regularly
scheduled class time.  There are required textbooks for both lecture
and lab portions with additional materials provided on the Internet.