Political Science | Intro to American Politics
Y103 | 4599 | Winburn

Politics is everywhere in everyday life and we must deal with
political consequences in all facet of our lives.  Part of dealing
with politics involves understanding the key components and facts
about our system while another major part is thinking critically
about politics and understanding how our opinions fit into the
system.  As such, the main purpose of this class will be not only
providing details about how our system works, but also allowing and
helping students develop the skills to critically analyze our
political system.  We will examine the institutional features of our
system (Congress, Presidency, and the Courts); the role of citizens
in the system (voting and public opinion); the place of groups such
as the media, interest groups, and political parties; and policy
outcomes all with an emphasis on the overarching place of the
constitution and civil liberties.

Student participation will be a key component in making this a
successful class as the course design focuses on mixing lecture,
video, and current events (i.e. the presidential election) with
student activities.  The grades will come from several quizzes, short
writing assignments (2-3 pages), and student participation and