Political Science | Constitutional Law II
Y305 | 4601 | Kersey

This course will look at the legal dimension of a variety of
contemporary and perennial issues related to justice and civil
liberties.  Rather than being strictly confined to the study of the
U.S. legal system, this course will take a broad, synthetic view of
the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in the changing conceptions of a
number of important political issues, such as the exercise of
religion, freedom of speech, the nature of representation and
governmental accountability, etc.  In addition to looking at the
courtís logic in deciding important cases regarding these issues, we
will also look at the political, social, and economic context in
which such changes have occurred.

Readings for this course will be drawn from Constitutional Law for a
Changing America (5th ed.) by Epstein and Walker.  Grades will
consist of three exams, participation, and a journal of opinion

Constitutional Law I (POLS Y304) is NOT a prerequisite for this