Political Science | The American Presidency
Y318 | 4602 | Wagner

When we think of the President, many things come to mind, such as:
the leader of the free world, scandal, elections, power, governing,
and, of course, Martin Sheen.  But what exactly does a president do?
How do presidential campaigns really work?  Does presidential
personality have anything to do with presidential job performance?
We will use our short summer session to examine these questions as
thoroughly as possible.  We will study analyses of the institutional
presidency, as well as become familiar with work on presidential
power, effectiveness, and campaigns.  Given that this is an election
year, we will also pay close attention to the current race for the
White House.  Class will consist of lectures, discussions, use of
multimedia, and some in-class activities.  Students will be required
to read, participate in class discussions, take two exams (a mixture
of multiple choice, short identification questions, and essay), and
complete three writing assignments consisting of two papers of less
than five pages and one final paper between 10-15 pages.