Political Science | War & International Conflict
Y375 | 4603 | McLaughlin

This course examines war and conflict in the international system.
One of the primary objectives of the course will be to encourage and
equip students to approach the topic of war from a social scientific
(i.e. theoretical) perspective rather than the perspective of a
casual observer.  Students will move beyond describing and making
judgments about international conflicts (as journalists are paid to
do) and will instead find themselves exposed to a variety of
theoretical approaches for analyzing and explaining them.  Despite
the fact that this course will emphasize the role of scientific
theory in understanding warfare and conflict, considerable portions
of the course will also be devoted to the study of selected cases in
the hopes that students will obtain a first hand understanding of how
social science can directly and tangibly contribute to our
understanding of the phenomena under study.  While this course is a
general introduction to war and international conflict, particular
emphasis will be given to several topics that have risen to positions
of greater importance and concern in recent years.  These include
ethnic warfare, genocide, and, of course, global terrorism and
national security in a post 9/11 environment.