Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 4735 | Hotchkiss


What is gender, really?  Are there really differences between men
and women?  Are these differences just biological?  What does it
mean to act feminine or masculine?  How do we learn to become boys
and girls?  In this course we will address these fundamental
questions about gender as well as many others.  As a class, we will
examine how and why we have different gender roles for males and
females.  We will discuss what these gender roles mean for the
opportunities and experiences of men and women.  Does gender and
inequality exist?  With so many women in the work force today, it
seems that men and women are equal.  Has feminism accomplished its
goal?  Do the differences in gender roles have any significance on
other aspects of our lives such as income, health, education and
sex?  As we talk about these questions, we will examine the
intersections of gender with race, class and sexuality to understand
how gender interacts with other identities to create unique
opportunities and experiences within society.
The lectures and readings will reflect a number of different
perspectives and will attempt to include an equal emphasis on the
female and male gender roles.  By participating in this class, you
will gain the conceptual and theoretical tools to analyze the
personal and institutional consequences of gender.