Telecommunications | Introduction to Media and Society
T205 | 4785 | Chock, T.

Summer II, 2004
T205 Introduction to Media and Society
Section 4785
Instructor: Chock

Course Description
1)    The course prerequisites:  NO PREREQUISITES

2)    A summary of course objectives:
This course seeks to involve you in the study of the mass media as
social institutions, particularly their effects on social norms,
public opinion, government, and popular tastes.  We will explore the
nature of the relationship between certain aspects of media and
media industries and the variety of people, processes, and forces
that help make up society.  I hope that you will leave this class
with an understanding of the very complex relationship between media
industries and individuals, social forces and processes, and a
continuing interest in being a savvy media consumer and a well
informed professional.

3)   Course format:  Lecture (76 students)

4)    Requirements the course will meet:
Counts toward the COAS distribution requirement:  S&H
Part of the Telecommunications Media & Society emphasis area.
Required of Telecommunications Majors.

5)   Required Texts:
	Potter, J. W. (2001).  Media literacy.  Thousand Oaks, Ca:
	Alexander, A. & Hanson, J. (Eds.) (2003).  Taking sides:
Clashing views on controversial issues in mass media and society
(6th ed.).  Guilford, CT:  McGraw-Hill/Dushkin.

6)	Meeting Times & Room:
11:30-12:20 Daily, TV 245