Telecommunications | Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices
T283 | 4786-4788 | Bolling, J.

Summer Session II 2004
T283 Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices
Section 4786
Instructor: Janis Bolling

Course Description

Prerequisite  T206

T283 is an introductory hands-on production course, which
concentrates on the planning and production of video programs.  The
specific units include TV studio production, field shooting and non-
linear editing.  Content consists of applied activities within a
conceptual framework.

There is a one hour and fifty minute lecture and two four-hour labs
each week.  Usually, the lecture provides the foundation for the
weekly lab.  The labs are a series of practical, hands-on
exercises/assignments and projects using studio and field equipment.

Meeting times:
	Lecture - Monday 12:30  2:20
	Labs  Tuesday/Thursday 12:30  4:20, or
	       Wednesday/Friday 12:30  4:20

Required Text/Materials:
Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices (Osgood, 2004)
Videolab 3.0 (Zettl, 2004)
Several mini-DV tapes

Grading Procedures:
Students are evaluated individually and as a member of a team during
the semester.  Grades of B or better can be achieved only if the
design/preproduction requirements for a project are completed. There
will be a short midterm test, a few spot quizzes, various production
exercises and a final exam based on the readings from the workbook,
the Video Lab DVD, and lecture material.  The total possible point
score is 450.  Letter grades are determined on a scale of 100.  The
grading criteria is:  A+ = 98-100, A= 94-97, A- = 90-93, B+ = 87-89,
B = 84-86, B- = 80-83, C+ = 77-79, C = 74-76, C- = 67-73, D+ = 63-
66, D = 60-62, D- = 55-59, F = below 55.

Requirements the course will meet:
-falls within the Design and Production area.
-prerequisite to advanced production classes
-required for the Certificate in New Media and Interactive