Telecommunications | Telecommunications Policymaking
T321 | 4789 | Pierce, M.

Second Summer Session 2004

T321 (also requires registration in COAS W333)

Section: 4789 (COAS intensive writing section)

Instructor: Matt Pierce

Telecommunications Policymaking

Prerequisite: T207 or consent of the instructor

Course Description:
The course objective is to understand how telecommunications
policies are made.  For example, how do decisions get made about
what we can hear on the radio or limitations on ownership of mass
media outlets?  T321 will analyze who makes U.S. telecommunications
policy and how technology, politics and the law interact to affect
those policies.  The course will provide a basic overview of U.S.
law and government.  Current telecommunications policy decisions and
controversies will be studied.

Students will participate in in-class discussions based on assigned
readings.  As of March, 2004 texts have not yet been selected.  The
class will meet daily from 9:30am to 10:20am.

Grades will be based upon written assignments required to meet the
intensive writing course requirement.

T321 meets the following requirements:
T321 this semester counts as a College of Arts and Sciences (COAS)
intensive writing course
Counts toward the COAS minimum of 36 hours at the 300 or 400 level
Fulfills the COAS Social and Historical Studies (S&H) requirement

Telecommunications courses may count toward or be required by other
programs outside the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students should
consult with the departments offering those programs to determine
whether or not Telecommunications courses count.