Telecommunications | Programming Strategies
T344 | 4791 | MacArthur, P.

Summer II, 2004
T344 Programming Strategies
Section 4791
Instructor: Paul J. MacArthur

Course Description:

 Prerequisites: T207 or consent of instructor.

 Course Objectives: To study various programming strategies as they
relate to radio, television, cable and the Internet. To understand
ratings and how they are used to make programming decisions.

 Course Format: Small lecture format. No discussion sections.

 Grading Procedures: Exams, Research Papers, & Pop Quizzes.

 Requirements This Course Will Meet:

- Part of the Telecommunications Industry & Management area of

 Required Texts:

Broadcast/Cable Programming: Strategies and Practices, 6th Edition,
by Susan Tyler Eastman & Douglas A. Ferguson, Wadsworth, 2002. ISBN:

Radio Programming Tactics and Strategy by Eric Norberg, Focal Press,
1996. ISBN: 0240802349

America's Favorite Radio Station: WKRP In Cincinnati by Michael
Kassel, Popular Press, 1993. ISBN: 0879725850

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th
edition, 2001.

Additional readings on eReserves.

 Meeting Times: D 10:30  11:20 in TV245.