Anthropology | Native American Art
E324 | 11746 | Thomas

This class will address the principles of Native art and its
materials, styles, functions, methods, meanings and the cultural/
religious contexts in which they are used.  The time span will cover
from historical tribal art to contemporary usage of CDs as Pow Wow
dance ornaments and so forth.

Besides addressing the principles, cultural, anthropological and
Indigenous theories will be explored.  A considerable amount of
Indigenous cultural background information will be interwoven in the
lectures and discussions, which will be the core of the class, aside
reading several books and other documents which will be hand out
throughout the semester.  In addition, various media sources, i.e.,
videos, films, and so forth, will be used.

Each student will be assigned to create a Native art piece, which has
to be approved by the Professor.  Two "work-in-progress"
presentations will be made in class.  The finished art piece will be
presented as part of the final exam grade, accompanied by a ten-page
research paper about the piece's cultural history and its place
within a Native community.

This course will focus on various Native American
arts, but not limited, to basketry, pottery, textiles, literature,
films, paintings, carvings, dances, songs, poetry, paintings,
jewelry,tanning, beading, clothing, quillwork, quilting, photography,
drawings, folk art, embroidery, ceremonies, and many others.

Class requirements:  Class presentations; meet with the Professor two
times; a ten-page research paper; create an art piece; read four
assigned books and additional handouts; and take final