Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 1318 | Richardson, S

Course format: Lectures (and weekly field trips): 9:30A-10:20A, MTW
and 9:30A-11:20A, R. We will take one required field trip on
Saturday, July 23.

Requirements: This is a non-majors course, but students will be using
basic math skills.

Course description: Topic: Forests, Streams and Fields of Indiana.
Ecology deals with how organisms affect each other and are affected
by the environment.  What determines the diversity of species are
found in an area?  What limits organisms' population growth?  Why do
population sizes of introduced species explode?  What happens when
two species compete for the same resources?  Are humans' changes to
the environment affecting how, and whether, organisms live?  In this
class, we will examine these and other questions in order to learn
about the newest science.  We will use the campus forest to learn to
identify tree species of Indiana.  We will take weekly field trips
during class periods to local forests, fields, and streams to test
some ecological ideas.  Students may exchange some written work with
each other for constructive criticism.  We will take one required
field trip to an old growth forest on Sat., June 26., leaving at 9
a.m. and returning by 6 p.m.

Textbook: Bush, "Ecology of a Changing Planet", third edition.

Weekly assignments: TBA

Exams/papers: TBA