Biology | Special Topics in Zoology
Z620 | 13590 | Ybe, J

Course format: Seminar: ARR.

Requirements: Open to graduate students only. This section meets
first eight weeks only.

Course description: Topic: Proteins: From Amino Acid Sequence to
Structure/Function. The relationship between protein and biological
function will be developed starting from first principles. Recently
determined structures of proteins involved in receptor-mediated
endocytosis will be used as examples of how mechanistic models can be
formulated from atomic-level structures. Students will learn the
practical aspects of solving structures by NMR and X-ray methods,
from protein over-expression and purification, to how to set up
crystallization trials and collect diffraction data. The basic
principles of how diffraction data is processed will also be
discussed at a level that will be useful for molecular biologists.