Classical Studies | Second-Year Latin II
L250 | 1770 | Stacie Kadleck

L250 1770 Second Year Latin II: Virgilís Aeneid

This course meets from 9:30AM -10:20AM Monday through Friday.

Prerequisite: L200 or placement. Students who enroll in this class
are expected to have completed an introductory sequence of Latin
grammar and translation equivalent to the first three semesters of
the Indiana University Latin program. Students who require a more
thorough review of Latin grammar, or for whom over a year has elapsed
since their last Latin class, are strongly advised first to enroll in
L200 or an appropriate lower-level course.

L250 introduces students to Latin poetry through readings in Latin
from Vergil's Aeneid. Grammatical exercises, advanced vocabulary
study, and examination of poetic devices will accompany daily
translation exercises. Students will study the epic as a whole
through additional readings in translation.

Grading will be based on homework assignments, tests, vocabulary
quizzes, translation exercises, and class participation.

Credit will not be given for both L250 and L440.