History | Warfare in 20th Century Europe
B300 | 3116 | Long

Above section open to undergraduates only

This course is a survey of how war has affected Europe during the
course of the twentieth century. Both world wars as well as the Cold
War are fascinating events that heavily shaped the course of Europe
in the twentieth century. In addition, these events also had a
tremendous impact upon world history, especially in facilitating the
rise of the United States as a superpower and the end of European
colonial empires.

The main objectives of the course are to cover such important
conflicts as the First World War, the Second World War, wars of
decolonization and the Cold War. As such, we will deal with topics
that include the militarization of society, arms races, economic
mobilization, gender and war, propaganda, military strategy,
technology, veterans' affairs, commemoration of war, military
occupations, peace movements and peacekeeping. We will seek to answer
such questions as who was to blame for the world wars? How were the
world wars fought? In what ways did they impact society? How did
people come to terms with loss after war and how did mourning affect
politics and society? How did Europeans fight wars of decolonization
after the Second World War? Finally, how did the experiences of the
world wars and the Cold War shape European attitudes towards war
after 1945?

Class meetings will combine lectures, discussions and film. Students
are encouraged to participate in class discussions and to actively
involve themselves in all aspects of the course. Assignments will
consist primarily of two exams and two short papers.