Collins Living-Learning Center | Learn From Nature: Permaculture
L230 | 11547 | David Haberman

Permaculture is a design pattern for living more harmoniously with our life
support systems, and with each other. It is a rapidly growing and
internationally recognized design system for creating sustainable human
environments. It is a set of principles and techniques that aims to create
ecologically sound and economically prosperous human communities. This
course gives students innovative conceptual tools and the chance to view that
future from as many angles as possible. This is a unique opportunity for a
hands-on experience in a class at Indiana University.

Students must complete an application and be accepted to register for this
course. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Participants will be camping
outdoors for the duration of the 2 weeks. Bathroom and shower facilities are
available. A special course fee covers round-trip transportation, food, lodging
(camping equipment provided), and course materials. Students who
successfully complete the course will receive certification in Permaculture,
which enables them to practice or teach the art and science of Permaculture.

Orientation Sessions: Students accepted to register for the course will be
required to attend two mandatory orientation sessions at Collins LLC which
will cover logistical information and the distribution of the course reader.

For prep meeting dates, application and more information see

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