Social Work | Developmental Issues for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People
S300 | 11367 | Capler

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are an important segment of
American society as reflected in the increasing visibility of GLB
people in positions of power, in entertainment and the media, and the
plethora of political action on GLB issues.  Yet this population
faces inequality in legal protections and prejudicial societal
attitudes.  GLB people routinely deal with homophobia and
heterosexism at political, legal, and interpersonal levels.
Therefore, a familiarity with issues unique to the GLB population is
vitally important for all individuals who want to provide informed
and helpful services to people in need. This course explores the
developmental issues that impact gay, lesbian, and bisexual people,
using a social work person-in-environment perspective.  It is
grounded on a current understanding of theory and research, and will
include topics such as GLB identity formation, homophobia,
heterosexism, history of the GLB civil rights movement, racial and
cultural diversity within the GLB community, and life span issues.
This course incorporates current events as they relate to and
illustrate course content.  Class exploration and discussion of
issues are emphasized.  The course is appropriate for students in
social work, education, nursing, med sciences, psychology, health and
recreation, or for any other interested students.