Telecommunications | Script Writing
T331 | 4963 | Castillo, J.

Semester:  Summer, 2005
Course Code: T331
Section Number:  4963
Instructor's Name:  Jeanette Castillo
Name of the Course:  Script Writing
Course Description
•	Prerequisites : T206, or consent of instructor
•	Course Objectives: This course is intended as an
introduction to basic scriptwriting formats and storytelling
strategies for electronic media.
•	Course Format: Discussion/workshop.
•	Grading Procedures: Final grades will be based on the
student’s production and revision of an original script for a 30-
minute media program.
•	Requirements the course will meet: to see which
requirements, in the College of Arts and Sciences, this course will
fulfill consult the College Bulletin at
If you have questions, or need additional help, see your academic
•	Required Texts:  TBA
•	Meeting times: D 10:30A-11:20A