Education | Using art to deal with difficult issues in the classroom.
S512 | TBA | Manifold

Using art to deal with difficult issues in the classroom.
June 26-30, M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Dr. Marjorie Manifold. Room TBA

As they work with children on a daily basis, educators become aware
that children’s emotional responses to events in their personal and
communal lives may positively or negatively affect learning.
Children experiencing chaotic events and interactions in their lives
are less able to process cognitive data than children who experience
consistently ordered and predictable environments. Unfortunately,
because life is unpredictable, many children will experience trauma
before reaching adulthood. That trauma may be as local and intimate
as the loss of a beloved pet or as generalized as the bombarding
images of human conflicts or natural cataclysms around the world.

In this workshop, pre-service and in-service teachers will explore
when and how it might be appropriate to engage k-12 students in
critical examinations and explorations of traumatic personal and
global events. Strategies for using the visual arts, stories, and
inquiry methods to assist students in coming to terms with this
experiences in ways that would contribute to intellectual and
emotional growth will be explored.