Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Beauty Culture
G302 | 11357 | Heinricy, S

This course seeks to critically examine the role of beauty in
American culture. In this class, beauty is not considered something
that someone either possesses or does not possess.  Instead, beauty
is an action performed. It is a process of altering the body to make
it better conform to particular gendered ideals which structure our
lives. We will explore the rhetoric of beauty and its role in
shaping identity and community, performances of beauty and the way
bodies are altered in order to “possess” beauty, and beauty in the
media and the multi-million dollar beauty industry. Assignments in
this class include weekly forum postings, a creative log of beauty
instances from pop culture, an ethnographic study of a site of
beauty, and a final paper critiquing a specific instance of beauty
in popular culture.