Gender Studies | Seminar in Gender Studies: Queer Rhetorics
G402 | 11359 | West, I

In the last two decades, it seems like everything has been queered.
We have queer theory, queer politics, queer citizenship, queer
performativity, genderqueer, the New Queer cinema, the new New Queer
cinema,  Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer as Folk—and these are
only some of the examples that explicitly use queer as a signifier.
The reclamation of queer has been a welcome development in some
circles while in others queer may connote, among other things,
racism, sexism, and/or politically paralyzing theory. As engaged
intellectuals we will allow political practices and academic
theorizing to inform one another as each of us develop our stance on
the utility of rhetorics of queer identities, theories, and
politics. Possible topics of discussion include the protest tactics
of queer movements/groups such as Queer Nation and ACT UP!, the
politics of marriage, films like Boys Don’t Cry and documentaries
such as Trans Generation, and the tensions within and between queer
populations and their allies.