Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Participant Leadership Development
R100 | TBA | Rich Mull

Description of course content:  This course is designed to be
practical in nature allowing students to study and learn about
leadership skills through involvement in a student organization on the
Bloomington campus. This course offers students the potential to
enhance their personal and professional life by developing self
leadership skills.  Through such opportunities, students learn how
their leadership capacity impacts their performance, as well as others
with whom they come in contact.  The key to this experience is the
studentís recognition and willingness to couple leisure activities to
a learning model that will enhance the individualís awareness and
appreciation of self leadership skills.

Required Book List:  Mull, R. (1997).  Participant Leadership
Development.  Bloomington, IN:  Mr. Copy.  This is a RED BOOKLET
available at Mr. Copy, 501 E. 10th Street (corner of 10th and Dunn).

Summary of Assignments:

	Exam	(Open book)		                       100
	Mid-Term Evaluation	   	               	        30
	1st Five Journal Entries	       	  	        30
	Guest Speaker Attendance #1			        15
	Guest Speaker Attendance #2			        15
	2nd Five Journal Entries	       		        30
	Final Evaluation		       		        30	
	Self Leadership Paper	                   	        50
				        TOTAL POINTS     300