Sociology | Social Problems and Policies
S101 | 9367 | Rowland

This course is about the Hummer® H2 and it is about Starbucks® coffee
beans. This course is about the champagne produced by legendary
craftsman Dom Pierre Pérignon.  This class is about thefacebook and
on-line dating too. It is about all of those things because this
course is about science and technology in society.

This course is constructed from a series of case studies (detailed,
empirical investigations) of science and technologies, some are as
obvious as mobile phones, doors, and SUVs; other case studies,
however, will challenge the very boundaries of what can be thought of
as a technology—is champagne a science? Is a coffee bean a
technology, what about a building?  Since this is a course on
technology, we will build-up a series of distinct theories to use
like tools (for your intellectual tool belt).  Toward the close of
the course we will begin to question the role of social actors in
society and how technology plays a role in the very fabric of social