History | God, Guns, Tea: British Empire
B303 | 12056 | J. Stubenrauch

Above class open to undergraduates only

This course is a survey of the British Empire from its rise to
dominance in the 18th century through its rule over India and
expansion into Africa in the 19th century and its eventual
dissolution into the British Commonwealth in the 20th century.  We
will study how Empire "works" both through economic means like
trade, slavery, and sugar and through cultural means such as
religion, consumerism, and cultural identity.

This course will study how the British Empire was experienced both
abroad and at home, focusing on popular culture and the growth of
nationalism.  We will also discuss the legacies of the British
Empire, especially in India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, and
across Africa.  Throughout the course, we will consider the dynamics
of cultural, military, and economic domination and resistance.