Honors | Introduction to African Cinema
H226 | 12463 | Akin Adesokan

TWTh 1:00-2:30 p.m.

*meets with CMLT-C 200

*carries Arts & Humanities distribution credit and fulfills the
Intensive Writing requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences

The works of cineastes from French-speaking West Africa still
constitute the bulk of what is generally regarded as African cinema.
This course gives an overview of African cinema from its inception
in the 1950s to the current digital technology-inspired tendencies
in Nigeria, Ghana, and Southern Africa. While recognizing the
revolutionary impact of the practices of self-representation that
motivated the first generation of African filmmakers, the course
also examines the tradition of European-authored ethnographic films
beginning from the late 1940s, and reaches forth to the relevant
works in the diaspora. We will screen and analyze individual films
from across the continent, focusing on the historical and cultural
contexts of the emergence of this cinema, and the diversity of its
aesthetic currents. A good deal of class discussion will dwell on
the contentious issues in African filmmaking: aesthetic typology,
European/non-governmental funding, ‘art house’ vs. ‘commercial
cinema’, questions of ‘popularity’, and the like.