Theatre and Drama | History of Western Theatre and Drama I
T370 | 12018 | Wainscott

T370	 History of Theatre and Drama I	

Theatre and Drama from Beginnings to 1700

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	This course examines the theories of origins of the theatre,
and theatre history and dramatic literature of Classical Greece and
Rome, Medieval Europe, Classical China and Japan, Renaissance Italy,
Elizabethan England, the Spanish Golden Age, Classical France, and
Restoration England.  Theatre is examined as both an artistic and
humanistic discipline.  Significant plays, playwrights, actors,
actresses, designers, directors, producers/managers, and other
theatre artists, along with production methods, theatre architecture,
and dramatic theory are placed in their historical, political,
artistic, social, philosophical, and religious contexts.  Throughout
this process, however, we will give special attention to theatrical
space, the significance of places of performance, and the kinds of
plays and theatrical events performed in those spaces.  It is hoped
that students will leave this course with a better understanding of
theatre and drama in their historical setting and with the ability to
make important connections between theatre of the past and our
current experiences with theatre, the other fine and performing arts,
and our contemporary life styles.

Required Textbooks: 	Brockett and Hildy, History of the Theatre.
Greenwald, Schultz, Pomo, The Longman Anthology of Drama and Theatre

Course Outline:
	Theories of Origin.  Classical Greece. Aeschylus, Prometheus
Bound. Euripides, Medea. Aristophanes, Lysistrata. Hellenistic world.
Roman Republic. Terence, Brothers. Roman Empire. European Medieval
period. Abraham and Isaac. Everyman. Classical China. 	Ma Chih-yüan,
Autumn in the Palace of Han. Classical Japan. Namiki Goehi,
Kanjincho. Renaissance Italy. Scala, The Portrait. Elizabethan
England. Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Jacobean, Caroline
England. 	Spanish Golden Age. Calderon, Life’s a Dream. French
Classicism. Corniellie, The Cid. Molière, Tartuffe. Restoration
England. Behn, The Rover