Business | BUS X102 Personal Law: Campus, Community, & Beyond
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BUS X102  Personal Law: Campus, Community, & Beyond (3 cr.) This Intensive Freshman
Seminar is designed to familiarize students with the Indiana University campus and
the Bloomington community through study of the legal framework surrounding activities
typical of college students and young adults. Students will be exposed to the major
areas of law that have a significant impact on their daily lives. The course explores
the legal aspects of activities such as buying on credit, renting an apartment or
living in a dorm, drinking alcohol, driving a car, inheritance, marriage/relationships,
children, and getting a job. This includes study of Indiana University's policies
and procedures for dealing with academic and personal misconduct.  Students will
take part in a variety of activities both in and outside of class, including visits
to IU Student Legal Services and the local jail, as well as discussions with experts
in different areas of law such as a judge, a criminal defense attorney, a prosecutor,
law enforcement officers, banking professionals, and a landlord/tenant panel. Students
will also develop their legal reasoning and writing skills by doing legal analyses
using various sources, including current news articles, movies, and court cases.
Students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals with a variety
of different legal expertise and participate in lively discussions on personal law
issues of interest to most college students. Grades for the course are based on
several short legal writing assignments, quizzes and in-class exercises, and a final
exam.  August 4 - 22.