Education | : Workshop in General Elementary Education: Designing & Supporting Meaningful Experiences That Incorporate Digital Technologies
E518 | 4026 | Manifold

July 14-18, 9AM to 4PM		

When computer technologies were first introduced into classrooms,
they were used predominantly as time-saving devices for book-
keeping, word-processing, data organization, and reference or
resource gathering.  In the art classroom, software programs also
were seen as new media.  Twenty years later, computerized and
digital technologies are being used to stimulate student
interactions, provide exciting curricula, and enhance learning. In
this workshop, teachers will be introduced to ways that technologies
may be integrated into exciting classroom teaching and meaningful
student learning. This is not a course for those seeking to develop
skills in using specific software; rather, basic computer and
digital skills (such as familiarity with PowerPoint and the use of
digital cameras) will be put to work in designing meaningful
learning experiences for K-12 students.

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