Fine Arts | Art & Urbanization: Around the World in Eight Weeks (Topics in Art History)
A200 | 5219 | Perrill

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Our title is based on Jules Verne’s ‘Around the world in 80 days,’
but this is a whole new spin on this classic colonial-era novel.

Paris, London, New York, Chicago -- these cities were hubs of
artistic activity in Verne's day. Yet, by 2015, Asia will be home to
53 of the 100 most populace cities in the world. Likewise, Africa
and Latin America are urbanizing at a rapid rate. With the urban
growth of these regions and cities like Johannesburg, Dakar, Sao
Paolo, Havana, Mumbai/Bombay, Shanghai and Gwangju – the old
artistic ‘centers’ are not holding, and conceptions of art are

How has this process shaped the production, promotion and
consumption of art?
How has it changed what is considered acceptable as an art object?
How has the figure of the artist and the curator changed in the
public sphere?

In this class, we will explore these and other questions during our
cross-cultural, multi-regional discussion of the development and
transformation of art worlds and urbanization. By the end of the
course students will be familiar with not only some of
the ‘foundational’ artistic hubs, but have a sense of the new
directions and urban spheres that are shaping art today