Gender Studies | Topics in the Study of Gender: Into the Wild: The intersection of Gender & Nature
G104 | 12136 | Weida, Stacy

Gender is more than just a label we use to categorize people. It
often goes unnoticed that the language of gender is applied to a
number of other concepts as well, such as nature. The first part of
this course will interrogate how and why nature has been
conceptualized as female or feminine, specifically within the
contexts of Western science and nation building/colonization. We
will examine not only the process of gendering nature but also some
of the consequences of this conceptualization. The second part of
this course will focus on women’s nature writing, ecofeminism, and
the environmental justice movement (with particular attention paid
to the ways in which these practices can make visible submerged
discourses of race, class, location, and embodiment that are also
embedded in Western conceptualizations of nature) as examples of the
ways in which women and feminists have appropriated, revalued, and
deconstructed the metaphorical conflation of woman and nature.