Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | From Revelation to Revolution
N305 | 4132 | Lachheb, H.

“Political Islam” is a striking phenomenon that is not only creating a
severe tension within Islamdom, but is also shaping the relations
between the Muslim world and the rest of the world.

This course will focus on the religious principles that contemporary
political Islam is based upon. The questions that outline this course
are: What is the religious literature that makes the foundations of
the Islamic movement? How is it interpreted? What is the religious
reasoning behind the positions of political Islam from Democracy,
pluralism, women’s rights, suicide bombings, etc…?

This course will provide an opportunity to survey some of the leading
literature on the subject of political Islam and to look closely at
the religious aspects of some of the major Islamic movements.

This class is from 11:00am – 12:15pm Monday through Thursday and is
scheduled to meet in Ballantine Hall, Room 138.