Anthropology | Bioanthropology
B200 | 4095 | Ai

B200 is an introductory course in bioanthropology. It is required for
the undergraduate major in anthropology, and it is a prerequisite for
many advanced courses in bioanthropology. B200 carries NMNS credit
toward the COLL distribution requirements. You will NOT be able to
count this course toward the S & H requirement.

We recommend B301, a three credit lab course that also carries NMNS
credit, concurrent with or following B200 for anyone who plans a
career in anthropology.   In B200 we will survey the field of
bioanthropology,  emphasizing the ways in which ideas about human
evolution are tested using evidence from the fossil record, from
living prosimians, monkeys and apes, and from contemporary human
groups. There will be an emphasis on understanding the underlying
principles and science of evolution.