History | Race and Citizenship in United States History
A300 | 12930 | Warren

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

Many Americans imagine that their nation was founded on notions of
equality and freedom. This course will help to expose the problems
with thinking of American history as a story based the “timeless”
ideal of liberty, and will explore the ways in which the ideal of
freedom was actually dependent upon the enslavement or exclusion of
certain groups of Americans. To achieve this goal, this course will
focus on the relationship between race and citizenship from the 17th
century to the modern era.

We will start by examining the relationship between definitions of
freedom and ideas about race in the colonial setting, and we will
end with the civil rights movement of the 20th Century.  This class
will focus on pivotal moments in American history to examine the
problematic and contested notion of race-based citizenship.