Political Science | War and International Conflict
Y375 | 4957 | Shively

This course will examine the causes and evolution of war.  Drawing
widely from new and established scholarship, it addresses several
major topics: war’s origins and evolution; theories about the causes
and nature of war; arguments for a contemporary world of “new wars;”
and theories about peace making and the future of war.  Along the
way, the course analyzes two very different international conflicts,
the Cold War and the recent Iraq War.  Specific issues addressed
amidst these major themes include war and the state; structural and
psychological explanations for war; and terrorism and ethnic

Along with an array of readings, the course work will include a
midterm and final. In addition, two papers will require students to
1) conduct a (limited) literature review of major theories
explaining a concluded war and 2) apply major course concepts to a
recent or ongoing international conflict.