Sociology | The Family
S316 | 12954 | Warner

4:00PM-6:15PM	TR	BH 347

This course will focus on the family from a sociological
perspective. We will discuss the definition of family and the role
that society plays in shaping family norms. We will also examine the
diversity of family forms and experiences, paying particular
attention to social class, race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual
orientation. Some topics we will cover are relationships and break-
ups, parenthood, childhood socialization, family violence, work-
family balance, and family-related social policies. A primary goal
of this course will be to move beyond our individual experiences
with families to develop an understanding of the family as a dynamic
social institution.

Textbook: "Public and Private Families: A Reader," 5th edition, by
Andrew Cherlin. ISBN-13 9780073528090.