Communication and Culture | Topics in Media History (Topic: Television from Broadcast to Podcast and from Network to Networked)
C420 | 10517 | Young, B.

MTuWThF, 11:30 AM-12:20 PM, C2 203

Fulfills College S&H Requirement

Instructor: Bryan-Mitchell Young
Office: C2 216
Phone: 855-6405

2009 marked the end of an era: analog broadcast television ended.

The world of college students is one where DVDs were invented before
they could read, cable television systems have always offered
telephone service, and there has always been a Cartoon Network.

This course will examine the impact of the digital switchover and
examine the history of television from pre-WWII black and white era,
through the cable and satellite age and to the current growth of
online video. The class will examine television's cultural impact,
and the future of television in a digital, internet-connected era.

Students will gain a knowledge of the history of broadcast, cable,
and internet television in the USA, examine how television changed
culture in the USA, and how the transition to digital broadcast and
the rise of internet video sites such as and youtube is
changing the way we consume entertainment in the home. Focusing on
the way in which television has changed life in the USA and the
changing way in which we consume television, students will be asked
to participate in discussions about the role of television in their
lives and how their consumption of television has changed as
internet video has become more mainstream.

Class will be discussion based with students frequently leading the
discussion in the hopes that the students will examine and question
the theories of tv reception that are introduced by the reading