Folklore | World Music & Culture
F111 | 12986 | E. Wolf

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities

Click on the “World Music” category on Amazon or in iTunes and
you’ll find everything from Afro-Funk and Bollywood soundtracks to
Irish traditional musicians playing with Mexican cumbia groups.
Diversity and exoticism are key factors here. Is there more to this
category than a clever marketing term for music not in English or
made outside the U.S.? In this class, we examine the multiple
connections between music and culture, encountering key ideas in the
discipline known as ethnomusicology. We will ask questions about
what defines music and how we can use it to learn about ourselves
and those around us. By studying musical examples from several
cultures around the world, we will discuss complex issues like race,
religion, language, politics, and gender, while learning to
recognize and identify the different elements involved in these
performances. The goal of this class is to expose students to a
variety of musics so they can begin to think critically about the
cultural performances they experience in their own lives.