Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Faires to Lipstick Lesbians
G104 | 10169 | Clarkson, N

Many Gender Studies classes address the differences between sex,
gender, and sexuality.  We know that one’s style of gender
expression does not necessarily indicate one’s sexuality, nor does
one’s sex necessarily determine one’s gender.  Nevertheless, gender
cues are often used to communicate one’s sexuality, and sexual
communities have much more complex vocabularies of gender style than
stereotypical representations often acknowledge.  In fact, sexual
communities often police the gender displays of their members.  This
course will build on the relationship between sex, gender, and
sexuality, familiar from other Gender Studies courses.  How do hair
styles, clothing, body movements, and accessorizing signal sexuality
and gender?  How is gender policed within sexual communities?  How
have preferred gender styles of sexual movements changed over time?
To what extent, or in what ways, do sexual communities rely on an
assumption that its members have easily categorized male or female
bodies?  After taking this class, students will be able to
distinguish between gender, sex and sexuality; articulate the
overlaps between these three categories; and recognize the policing
of gender by groups organized around sexual identity.