History | American Images of China
G300 | 14098 | X. Fan

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MAs only.

In this class, looking at various American images of China, we will
focus on important questions for internationally conscious citizens:
What are the images of China in the United States? How, and why,
have these images of China changed?  And, how much do we care? We
will examine historical examples of sinophobia and sinophilia in
order to untangle intricate issues, such as discourse constructs and
power balances behind American cultural representations of China.
Thus we will be ready to participate in better cross-cultural
understanding in a globalizing world.  This course covers various
materials including newspaper articles, book sections, comic strips,
films, government documentaries, and travel diaries. No textbook
need be purchased.  All the readings will be available either online
or as class handouts.  Students will conduct independent research on
a course paper, submitting two progress reports on their research
before composing the final paper.  Historical background will be
provided before each class section.