Psychology and Brain Sciences | Abnormal Psychology
P324 | 13114 | Vlachos-Weber, I.

This course considers the nature of psychological and behavioral
disorders.  A focus is on the characteristics of the major
psychological disorders and their classification.  The course also
introduces students to the assessment and treatment of some
disorders. Different theories of psychological disorders will be
reviewed, with a discussion of the differing explanations of the
nature and origins of disorders and of the differing theoretical
proposals for preventing and treating disorders.  The focus,
however, is on empirically validated theories and interventions.
Thus, discussion is focused on knowledge that has been gained from
psychological research on each disorder, rather than on theories
that have not received empirical support.  In this context, issues
related to research methodology are also discussed.

Format:  Lecture, covering text material and additional material for
which students are responsible. When appropriate, additional
materials(e.g., videotapes, case examples, and guest lectures) will
be used.

Grading:  To be determined.  Based primarily on exams. Sometimes also
extra credit quizzes.

Instructor: The instructor conducts research on husband violence and
has a background of training in cognitive-behavioral approaches to
psychological problems. Office hours to be announced in class.

Prerequisites:  P101 and P102, or P151 and P152, or P106.