Religious Studies | Introduction to Hinduism
B220 | 14057 | A. Hamilton

The above course carries AH, CSA distribution for the College of
Arts and Sciences.

"Who is a Hindu?  What is a mantra?  Why are gods and goddesses
important? Where do Hindus go for pilgrimage?  In this introductory
course we aim to answer these and other questions about forms of
Hinduism in South Asia and the world.  The course objective is to
gain an understanding of beliefs and practices of Hinduism as a
lived experience.  Course topics include:  sacred texts, worship,
gods and goddesses, life cycle, gurus and teachers, identity and
sacred space.
Source materials consist of lectures, primary and secondary sources,
films, and comics.  Course grade based on active class participation
and exams.
No prior knowledge of Hinduism is necessary.