Criminal Justice-COLL | Alternative Social Control Systems
P202 | 5158 | Turrentine

This course explores the relationship between formal and informal
systems of social control.  We will examine the intersection of the
legal system with other forms of social control, including violence,
religion, cultural norms, family, and patriarchy.  Additionally, we
will explore the concept of justice in relation to the role social
control plays in our lives.  We will be critical of social control
systems, while using social science to aid in our understanding of
the mechanisms behind social control systems and their respective
impacts on society.

Grading will be based on attendance and participation, reading
outlines, and take home exams.

Readings will be available via OnCourse and eReserves.

Class meeting:  Daily, 11:30-12:20, BH 304

Instructor:  Jennifer Turrentine, criminal justice department