Folklore | World Music & Culture
F111 | 9621 | M. Lee

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities

From answering our cell phones to turning on our iPods to going out
to eat, music seems omnipresent in our daily habits. But, are these
musical sounds simply passive blips in our existence? And what
of “world music”? Is “world music” merely a generic category for the
retail of a specific type of recorded music? In this class, we
explore how we perform and consume music in relationship to the ways
by which we understand our lives. The teacher and students will
explore music and its relationship to culture: the foundation of the
discipline of ethnomusicology. By learning a basic musicological
vocabulary and by exploring the practices and sounds of a variety of
musical cultures from around the world, students will learn to think
and write critically about music in terms of style, purpose, and
effect. Specifically, the class will examine music and its
connections to the larger issues of place, tradition, religion,
politics, modes of consumption, and the digital era. By learning to
examine music as a cultural practice, we will be better positioned
to analyze how we make meaning in our own lives in relationship to
the performance and consumption of music.