Germanic Languages | Beginning Yiddish II
Y150 | 10065 | Stern-Gottschalk

This course will provide an introduction to Yiddish language and
culture. Students will develop basic speaking, listening, reading, and
writing skills in Yiddish, using textbook materials, original texts,
audio-visual sources, and group work emphasizing student
participation. The course will also introduce students to the history
of the Yiddish language and the breadth of Yiddish culture.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

*  Provide basic information in Yiddish about themselves
*  Understand and participate in a conversation on a variety of
everyday topics
* Read edited texts and write short compositions on familiar subjects
*  Use basic grammatical forms, including the present, future, past,
and conditional tenses, articles and adjectives, the negative, and
*  Sing a number of Yiddish songs

Required books:

Weinreich, College Yiddish, ISBN 9780914512264, 6th edition, 1999.
Jewish BK, Hardcover

Weinreich, Modern Engligh-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary, ISBN:
9780805205756, Random House, Paperback.