History | History of American Childhood
A200 | 14363 | Eckelmann

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

This course examines American children’s experiences and cultures
from the first colonies to our present time.  The course looks at
the changing conditions of children’s lives and attitudes toward
children and childhood.  Furthermore, the class investigates how
children themselves and groups invested in the lives of children and
youth (parents, media etc.) understood their cultural and political
roles in American society.

Through weekly reading assignments, students will learn about
children’s material culture (toys, dress codes, and furniture);
institutions and spaces (schools, playgrounds, the work place and
the streets); and media (children’s books, advertisements, comics,
pictures, and films).  While the course follows chronological order,
each section focuses on specific themes that emphasize recurring and
changing conceptions and conditions of childhood in American History.